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One of the problems that can happen when we want to upload images off our camera onto the internet is that they are too large.  With bigger and better digital camera’s the size of one photo can easily be anything from 1 MB to 12MB and more depending on which format you’re using.  So,if you don’t have a Photo editing programme on your computer there are a few sites out there to help you quickly resize images ready for display online.  does that and a whole lot more.   From fixing blemishes,red eye,adding stickers and text you’ll find this site will satisfy your quick editing requirements which makes it great for the classroom.  It’s also easy to ‘resize’images just by clicking the ‘edit’tab.  If you have a more creative project in mind switch to the ‘Advanced Suite’and here you can create vector images or enhance your own.  Try the Audio Editor or Music Creator,create your own sound effects and you have a complete package. This site is packed with fabulous tools too many to mention here but well worth having a look at.  The image below is one I took and resized of my son playing the piano at the Bay of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival.

Bay of Islands College Ensemble

Bay of Islands College Ensemble

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