DIY Moodle Classroom

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I’m an avid fan of the Moodle classroom and the wonderful structure it can offer in providing an online hub of digital resources,links and plugins.  I have one blended learning class for Year 10 ICT students and one fully online distance class for Level 1 Digital Technologies.

I also love the flexibility E-Learning provides and the ability to accommodate for diversity in the classroom but getting it right takes time.  I’ve never tallied up the time it takes to create or maintain a class site,but this wonderful infographic from  Leanforward illustrates beautifully the people and time involved in getting an e-learning course off the ground.  Now they’re a team of dedicated professionals,it’s little wonder this one-woman-band spends many hours playing around trying to get it right.
What Does It Take To Create Effective e-Learning - Infographic

Leanforward – an eLearning Company

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