Are there any benefits in being a “digital immigrant”

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I guess that depends on who is asking the question.  A digital native might answer no but then find themself unable to get a job because of some inappropriate comments or behaviour on their Facebook profile.  Openingly sharing private details online,easy passwords and unprotected profiles might mean their bank account has been infiltrated or their computer rendered a drone.  That scenario could apply to anyone with little technical savvy I agree but traditionally those more experienced in life have always had a wisdom greater than those younger.  Although a digital immigrant may lack technical know how,they do understand how to communicate effectively and appropriately,and these are the skills a lot of digital natives are still lacking.  A majority of digital immigrants have become bamboozled by the overload of information with the computer and have not yet got to the point of seeing the computer as an extension of the pencil.

The digital immigrant is a great sounding board,for offering suggestions on how you might tackle a problem differently. They link the future with the past and have the ability to see things in their true context. The digital immigrant also brings a lot of social and moral values,and can offer a compassionate perspective.

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