Year 11 DTY 2016

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FarNet classes

This year I have 14 students spread over 5 schools in the north island.   It’s a class of mixed abilities made up of 5 girls and 9 boys.  To start the year off we looked at the key competencies and what they might look like in a distance or virtual class.  We used the collaborative tool Padlet,it’s ease of use,no need for signing in and real time sharing makes it an excellent choice for virtual class brainstorms.


What was interesting was learning how different students’perspectives were,regarding their understanding of self-management.  What particularly stood out was how students from the same school shared a similar understanding for self-management.  Their opinions ranged from the simplest form of bringing the right equipment to comments referring to their self-efficacy and ability to learn independently.  Their comments suggested key competencies like self-management are indeed taught and not caught as defined by Hipkins (2006).  This led me to the conclusion that an investigation into our schools’understanding for self-management nationwide would constitute an interesting study.

Online Delivery

This year I chose to use the online learning management system canvas, following a recommendation from a colleague.   The interface took some time to get used to but I did like the idea that you could import courses not only from Moodle but also within the canvas community.

Weekly video conferences were supported with Google Slide presentations which students were able to contribute to. These proved very useful in guiding the one hour lesson,setting learning intentions and success criteria.  Allowing students to edit the slides also invited students to participate throughout the lesson.  Slides were used for group discussions,polls,to create class glossaries and to share work.  A link to the class slides folder can be found here 

Teaching as inquiry

I have decided to evaluate each assessment undertaken this year by the Year 11 DTY class using the teaching as inquiry template.  Click on the link below to get the full picture.

Year 11_TAI_FarNet 91071