Teaching as Inquiry

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Digital Technologies

An Introduction to Programming

This unit of work was developed during my second PRT year and provides evidence for a number of the different components required for the ‘Registered Teacher Criteria‘as shown below in parentheses;

Project Based Learning

Following a conference I attended in July 2013 It’s a Learners World:Mapping a New Landscape I was inspired with Lee Crockett’s presentation and the concept of using Project Based Learning to help foster collaborative,21st century classrooms where students are engaged and active participants. (RTC Criteria 4)

I tried this in term 3 of 2013 with a Year 10 ICT class.  There were different challenges from managing student behaviour to ensure learning outcomes were met. I have used the Teaching as Inquiry framework for my reflection from that class. read more…

E-Learning Teaching Pilot

This report provides evidence for my second teaching pilot as part of the requirements for EDEM 628 – Best Practices in Online Teaching.

My online Moodle course was designed to support Year 11 ICT students in a blended learning environment.  15 students would be learning the basics of computer programming which would enable them to create their own computer game with the open source software Scratch.   Students met with me for 4 hours a week in a face to face class situation.  In addition they are expected to work independently at home on their project utilising the class Moodle site,the Scratch.mit.edu community site and YouTube or other help sites. read more…