Building literacy

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Today at our staff meeting colleagues shared teaching practices they are using in their classes to help students improve their literacy.

One teacher gave an example of a group task.  Students within the group are assigned specific words related to the topic.  They must then try and spell the word.  Students are then instructed to find the word with it’s meaning in the room.  (Words and their definition are already printed off and placed around the room). Using the printed definition and their given word they go back to their group and share what they’ve learned.

Another colleague shared her strategy where students are given a large word bank and told to circle any words they don’t know.  They are then instructed to search the meaning and write a definition in their own words.

People hunt

Create a table with 12 squares or 3 x 4.

Put a question in each square related to the learning.   Students need to go around and find someone who can answer the question,they then write that name down in each question,NOT THE ANSWER.

Personal word banks

Gives students a list of words, They need to circle all the words you don’t know,then find the meaning of the word and write it in their own words.

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