Personalising student’s learning

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My subject goals for Digital Technology in 2017 are to give students more choice and to work towards personalising their learning to suit their interests and ability.

  1. Develop senior DTY assessments
  2. Integrate a Robotics and Arduino programme for senior DTY students
  3. Increase understanding of technological literacy

The reason why I have chosen the goals listed above is to raise student engagement and to align the Digital Technology curriculum.  I am also mindful of the need to constantly upskill with emerging technologies and to keep current with what is offered in other schools throughout New Zealand.

The integration of robotics and Arduino (open source computer hardware and software) into the Digital Technology curriculum will give students an opportunity to experience hands on programming and is ideally suitable for kinetic learners.

The focus on literacy to increase students’ understanding of the vocabulary used in technology.  Ideally provide weekly reading and exercises for each year level specific to technology practice.


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