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To support my Year 9 English class I’ve decided to trial Education Perfect.  Mitchell from Northland College brought my attention to it last term and I’d have to say first impressions are impressive!  I thought I would use it as a “Do Now’or lesson starter but the students loved it so much we ended up using it for the whole lesson.  It was wonderful to see one of my students (with a curriculum level of 2 or 3) doing so well.  He called me over and with a beaming smile said ‘look Miss I got all of these right!’ The instant feedback was a winner for him,he was engaged and completely focused.  The report breakdown you receive on student’s progress is very comprehensive and this term I’m planning to run a diagnostic test.  From that test,Education Perfect will create an individualised stream of lessons for students on areas they need to work on.  The support is from Education Perfect is quick and personalised,I think they’re really onto something here.

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