Critical Inquiry

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Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional practice

Key Indicators

i.    systematically and critically engage with evidence and professional literature to reflect on and refine practice

ii.   respond professionally to feedback from members of their learning community

iii.  critically examine their own beliefs,including cultural beliefs,and how they impact on their professional practice and the  achievement of ākonga

Level 1 Digital Technologies Teaching Inquiry

The focus of inquiry for 2016 was with my Level 1 DTY students,I taught one class at school and one class online through FarNet.  I was particularly interested to find out how effective my assessments were in terms of students’interest and engagement.   In previous years I had observed the single outcome assessments (which were provided by the previous Head of Department) were not always enjoyed by students and they struggled to see the relevance.  In discussion with a colleague from another school I tried a multi-outcome assessment in term two and the results were encouraging.  Students enjoyed having a choice around not only the topic but also with how they presented their work.  Achievement Standard 91047 requires students to develop a digital prototype to address a brief using this assessment.

2016 Teaching Inquiry Level 1 DTY:AS 91076

2016 Teaching Inquiry Level 1 DTY:AS 91071

2016 Teaching Inquiry Level 1 DTY 2016:AS 91075

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