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2017,I am the Lead Teacher for the Chromebook initiative in conjunction with the Kaikohekohe Education Trust and Bay of Islands College.  Moving to a digital pedagogy is a positive move and allows me to put into practice many of the things I learned from my thesis research.  The Kaikohekohe Education Trust is an offshoot of the Maniakalani project which has been providing digital learning to students in low decile schools since 2010.    I am also Teacher in Charge of Digital Technologies at Bay of Islands College,teaching students from Year 9 –13.

In 2016 I completed my Masters in Education with the University of Auckland as a Woolf Fisher Leader Teacher Scholarship recipient.  My research involved investigating how students manage themselves using their own devices in a digital environment and what makes students competent,self-regulated learners.

To understand the concept of self-management further I embarked on a historical path to explore the evolvement of the key competencies in the NZ Curriculum (2007).  This led me to the international literature of self-regulation,the OECD and the DeSeCo Definition and Selection of Competencies project.   Filtering through many readings,some of which were the work of Hipkins (2007,2005,2009) Rutherford (2005) and Keown et al.,(2005) I began to appreciate the complexity and attention that has been afforded the development of our current NZ Curriculum (2007).  Still it remains a simplistic,flexible and robust document that allows individual schools to adapt it to reflect their needs and communities.

In my opinion there are a number of issues that are currently facing the education sector in New Zealand.  First and foremost it is paramount to have an education system that can deliver equitably by accommodating the needs of all our students who come from diverse backgrounds,cultures and communities.   To complement and bridge the equity gap the education sector needs to focus on providing individualised learning programmes that foster innovation and 21st century skills that will meet the demands of living in a knowledge driven era.    Ensuring students are engaged,intrinsically motivated and developing a ‘learning to learn’ attitude will aid the pathway towards career advancement and an ability to meet the requirements of a dynamically changing employment sector.

I am always on the look out for cutting edge ideas and innovative teaching practices that I can implement into the classroom.


University of Auckland

February 2016 –Masters of Education

Woolf Fisher Lead Teacher Scholarship recipient

January 2015 –Research focus self-regulation in a BYOD class

University of Canterbury

January 2014 –Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Distinction
(endorsed in e-learning and Digital Technologies in Education)

University of Auckland

January 2010 –Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

North Tec Tai Tokerau Wananga

March 2007 –Bachelor of Applied Arts

Professional Development

EdchatNZ Conference

August 2014

Restorative Justice Practice

March 2014 with Margaret Thorsborne

Developing Leadership Attributes and Skills in Staff and Students

October 2013 with Dr Camilla Highfield

It’s a Learners World:Mapping a New Landscape

July 2013 –Learning Network NZ

  • Myths in Education – Lee Crocket fluency21.com
  • Homework,what can you do about it? –Neil O’Reilly
  • Maori Success as Maori –John Leonard
  • Remember the Revised Curriculum –Perry Rush
  • Thinking Language,Thinking Learner,Thinking World –Joan Dalton
  • Going Beyond –Chic Foote
  • Kathryn Berkett

Secondary Provisional Registration Teachers Workshop 2,

September 2012,Whangarei

  • Inquiry Learning
  • Teaching as Inquiry

Best Practice Workshop –Learning to Assess

July 2012,Whangarei Workshop Attended

  • Graphics/DVC

Link to Google Notes

Technology Cluster Workshop,

May 2012,Whangarei Workshop Attended

  • Teaching as Inquiry Level 1 and 2

Link to Google Notes

Moodle Moot 2011

April 2012,Auckland

Secondary Provisional Registration Teachers Workshop 1,

May 2012,Whangarei

  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Focusing inquiry
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Teacher registration requirements

Albany Senior High School,

April 2012,Auckland Workshops attended

  • Using the cloud with students
  • PD for your staff –Rangitoto High School IT Department
  • BYOD –Mark Osborne
  • Augmented Reality in the classroom –Mark Osborne

Nethui Conference 2011,Auckland

  • The Data Explosion –Douglas Harre
  • Combating Cyberbullying &Harassment – John Fenaughty
  • The Interent as a Revolutionary Tool –Lance Wiggs
  • Engaging Young People to Like Cybersafety –Brian Calhoun

Digital Technology Symposium 2010,Auckland

Workshops attended

  • Strategic planning for a changing landscape –David Parr
  • How digital technologies can transform pedagogies –David Parr
  • Digital Media Assessments –John Creighton
  • Innovative classroom ideas to support assessment within the new technology matrix –Melinda Stevenson
  • Digital Design Pathways –John Piper
  • Flash basics –Yulie Great
  • Learn to edit video like the industry –Lee Herbert and Mary McQuoid