U.K. takes a radical look at teacher training

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Hot on the heels of my recent post from the U.K…Minister of Education (Michael Gove) is at it again. This time I reluctantly believe he’s on to a good idea.

The changes Mr.Gove proposes may well reverberate kindly with New Zealand teachers? The new look is focused on Teacher Training Colleges and their…

“useless  teaching theories that don’t work and actively damage children’s education”

The idea is to take the very best schools and put them in charge of teacher training and professional development. These schools will actually take the graduates they want to train and develop them internally. There will even be tax-free awards for graduates who choose to be trained at the toughest schools or N.Z.’s decile one equivalents. These awards will be as high as $47,000!

Traditional Teacher Training Colleges may well be phased out altogether.

Maybe in this instance,following U.K.’s lead might be a strategy that could bode well for New Zealand’s teaching profession?

See the article in full at  http://tinyurl.com/c68749x

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