Addressing Diversity in My Classroom

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Teaching my Year 11 ICT class has it’s challenges and the one that I am currently trying to manage is how best I can accommodate the different abilities and learning styles. They’re just getting starting on web design with HTML and CSS writing their own sites from scratch using code. All of the lessons are delivered in Moodle even though it is a face to face class I find it helps to give a 5 minute outline at the start of the lesson and then go around the room helping people individually. I’m finding my way through ‘Lessons’in Moodle,that in itself is an art but I’m getting there and I’m starting to feel like I understand what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve created a quiz with a SCORM Package from exe Learning which turned out ok once I had set the grading in Moodle to ‘Learning Object’but I still don’t know whether it gives me as detailed an analysis as the Moodle quiz.  Moodle’s quiz was my first preference but it kept interpreting my HTML code answers and there was no way I could go in and edit the Moodle answer box.  Oh so many tricks to learn with Moodle.

Today I’ve just received access to Adobe Connect which I’m very excited about and keen to start using with my online students.  This connection has  just given me a eureka moment and it could well help those slower learners in my face to face class.  Some of them are near to hopeless at turning up for a lunchtime catch up so this could be a solution.  We could have a catch up lesson online at night for 15 –30 minutes for their homework.  I know the technology will work at my end (which is not always the case at school) and hopefully they will have broadband access from home.    It would also help those who are away sick and help me move to my goal of Flipped Classroom delivery.  I would love to get them so enthused with ICT and this might be a step in the right direction.

This Learning4Mastery video is so inspiring,flipped classroom teaching at it’s best.

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