Think VR and Augmented Reality

My husband,son and I were having a conversation the other day about which was going to be bigger Virtual or Augmented Reality,we were split. My son (a Virtual Reality developer) went for VR and from a marketing perspective I think he’s right. My husband on the other hand,thought AR but I went […]


Great couple of articles to read in this month’s Education Review and it’s good to know there is so much online support for PhD students should I ever decided to go down that path,which I’d have to say is rather tempting. Dr Inger Mewburn the driving force behind the blog The Thesis Whisperer has […]

Doctoral and Postgraduate Symposium

I attended the Doctoral and Postgraduate Symposium on Saturday at Auckland University and really glad I did. Dr. Rae Si’ilata gave an inspirational speech for the opening address which set the tone for the day. She was eloquent,informative and outlined all the reasons why you might want to consider doing a Doctorate. Rae instilled […]

Safe Schools and Community Engagement is the Key

Interestingly the front page of the NZ Herald on Friday ran an article called The secret of our highest performing low decile schools and Principal Anne Miles of McAuley High School,was quoted as saying ‘the board focused on making the school a safe place to be. Key to this was community engagement –school […]

What do you really want in life?

This is a wonderful video narrated by Alan Watts. It asks the question if money was not a question what would you really like to do with your life?

Internet infographic

This is an infographic I made to show the proportion of broadband subscribers in New Zealand and how we spend some of our time online

DIY Moodle Classroom

I’m an avid fan of the Moodle classroom and the wonderful structure it can offer in providing an online hub of digital resources,links and plugins. I have one blended learning class for Year 10 ICT students and one fully online distance class for Level 1 Digital Technologies.

I also love the flexibility E-Learning provides […]

TEDx Melbourne –Educators

Thanks to my twitter feed I just happened upon the TEDxMelbourne event a while back. From the feeds that were coming in there was a dynamic discussion happening on the future of education and the direction it needs to take.

I collated a few of the best tweets here thanks to Storify

[View the story […]

Digital Technology Symposium

I recently attended the Digital Technology Symposium in Auckland. It was an inspirational few days with a wide range of keynote speakers and informative workshops. Sitting amongst 250 technology educators I felt part of an emerging impetus for the melioration of ICT in our schools.

The workshop were great,Wednesday and Thursday were opportunities to […]