Emergent Methodologies

Auto ethnography and Action Research

A short video I created to show my understanding for these two methodologies. This was the first assignment for EDEM 698.

When does educate become indoctrinate?

I find the attached clip from a recent BBC UK news item quite bemusing.

If it’d been generated by any other group than “Demos” I probably wouldn’t have given it much consideration but the fact that it is ‘Demos’sponsored gives me a shudder down the spine.

Demos is a U.K. “Think Tank” that was […]

Google and your memory

This chart is courtesy of Online Colleges who are linked below. Their blogs are worth taking a look at and they come up with cool graphics like these from time to time. Basically this chart looks at the procedures we use for research and analysis and how Google is changing the way we memorise for […]