Developing senior internal assessments


In previous years,assessments had often been stand alone tasks which often seemed devoid of context or relative to students’ interests. In discussion with a Digital Technology teacher at Tikipunga,Excellere College and reflecting on the assessment options suggested at the technology day in Whangarei I have decided to incorporate the Concept Design assessments […]

Personalising student’s learning

My subject goals for Digital Technology in 2017 are to give students more choice and to work towards personalising their learning to suit their interests and ability.

Develop senior DTY assessments Integrate a Robotics and Arduino programme for senior DTY students Increase understanding of technological literacy

The reason why I have chosen the goals listed […]

Education Perfect

To support my Year 9 English class I’ve decided to trial Education Perfect. Mitchell from Northland College brought my attention to it last term and I’d have to say first impressions are impressive! I thought I would use it as a “Do Now’or lesson starter but the students loved it so much we ended […]