Think VR and Augmented Reality

My husband,son and I were having a conversation the other day about which was going to be bigger Virtual or Augmented Reality,we were split. My son (a Virtual Reality developer) went for VR and from a marketing perspective I think he’s right. My husband on the other hand,thought AR but I went […]

Innovating to Learn

Below is the 2008 report from the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation which will be really helpful for my next assignment.

Innovative and Competitive Schooling is our Future

I came across this interesting video a while back,it’s Joel Klein,CEO of News Corps talking about the need for competition and innovation within our schools. He’s right,our schools are fashioned on a system built in the 19th century for an industrial era. Society has moved on and so should our education system.


Computer games help scientists unravel virus strains.

I came across an interesting piece by Ian Steward in The Sunday Star Times which focused on an online game called “Foldit”.

“Foldit”is a prime example of digital technology working as an educational medium with the added rapture of being orchestrated by “gamers”themselves.

In three intensive weeks of competition,the game playing public […]