A different way to tell a story

For me there’s nothing like a day at home doing what I love best,playing about with a bunch of digital tools to create something. I have an assignment due in a few weeks,it’s an online presentation and I couldn’t bear the thought of another Power Point so I’ve been on the hunt for […]

What adults can learn from kids

Watch this awe inspiring video 13 year old Adora Svitak,is an amazing speaker and tell us adults a thing or two about how to teach. Adora reminds us of the wealth of creativity inherent in children and that teachers need to tap into this. She says the students should teach their teachers sometimes,not […]

Internet Safety in the Social Media

One of my pet things about integrating ICT into the curriculum is creating an awareness around internet safety and appropriate online behaviour. Last year I attended a workshop put on by DTG (Digital Technolgies Guidelines) it was identified that students should learn about their “digital society”. The new Digital Technology Achievement Standards aim to address […]

RSA Animate Changing education paradigms

I’m a real fan of Sir Ken Robinson and RSA Animate and here they’ve joined forces to present a fabulous video which discusses the shifts that are occurring within our education systems,a must see for educators and parents alike.


Don’t stifle their creativity

I was heartened when I came across a book during my son’s kindergarten years by Pennie Brownlee who encouraged parents and teachers of young children to ask children to tell them about their drawing rather than something like “what is that you’re drawing,is a duck”? However,I was surprised how this philosophy seemed to […]