The Motivational Factor

This is a fabulous video of a presentation by Dan Pink which I came across. Pink defines what really motivates us,autonomy,mastery,purpose,challenges and making a contribution. Now we just have to bring these ideals into the classroom.


Innovative and Competitive Schooling is our Future

I came across this interesting video a while back,it’s Joel Klein,CEO of News Corps talking about the need for competition and innovation within our schools. He’s right,our schools are fashioned on a system built in the 19th century for an industrial era. Society has moved on and so should our education system.


U.K. takes a radical look at teacher training

Hot on the heels of my recent post from the U.K…Minister of Education (Michael Gove) is at it again. This time I reluctantly believe he’s on to a good idea.

The changes Mr.Gove proposes may well reverberate kindly with New Zealand teachers? The new look is focused on Teacher Training Colleges and their…

“useless teaching […]

Education reforms appear lost in translation

I find it disturbingly ironic that Lesley Longstone who is the recently recruited head of the Education Ministry,was dragged into New Zealand from a similar position in the U.K.

One would imagine,that as she was an advocate of the fatally flawed governmental endorsement surrounding the now infamous strategy of “saving money by creating […]

Addressing Diversity in My Classroom

Teaching my Year 11 ICT class has it’s challenges and the one that I am currently trying to manage is how best I can accommodate the different abilities and learning styles. They’re just getting starting on web design with HTML and CSS writing their own sites from scratch using code. All of the lessons are […]

RSA Animate Changing education paradigms

I’m a real fan of Sir Ken Robinson and RSA Animate and here they’ve joined forces to present a fabulous video which discusses the shifts that are occurring within our education systems,a must see for educators and parents alike.


Developing Digital Literacy

As a relative late comer to the teaching profession I was disillusioned to find in my student practice that some schools have so much emphasis on how to create Word,Excel and Power Point documents. There was no hint of the ubiquitous nature of the internet let alone student e-mail. A typical day would involve […]

Moodle making

At last I have an opportunity to delve deeper into the back end of Moodle as I prepare for next year’s classes. I have largely experienced Moodle as a student and often found the interface heavily text based and a tad dull in terms of it’s visual appearance. For the younger audience or ‘digital natives’[…]

When does educate become indoctrinate?

I find the attached clip from a recent BBC UK news item quite bemusing.

If it’d been generated by any other group than “Demos” I probably wouldn’t have given it much consideration but the fact that it is ‘Demos’sponsored gives me a shudder down the spine.

Demos is a U.K. “Think Tank” that was […]

Google and your memory

This chart is courtesy of Online Colleges who are linked below. Their blogs are worth taking a look at and they come up with cool graphics like these from time to time. Basically this chart looks at the procedures we use for research and analysis and how Google is changing the way we memorise for […]