Doctoral and Postgraduate Symposium

I attended the Doctoral and Postgraduate Symposium on Saturday at Auckland University and really glad I did. Dr. Rae Si’ilata gave an inspirational speech for the opening address which set the tone for the day. She was eloquent,informative and outlined all the reasons why you might want to consider doing a Doctorate. Rae instilled […]

#edchatnz Blogging Meme

Thank you Janna Brewster (@jannabrewsterNZ) for the tag in the #edchatNZ Blogging Meme!

If you get included in the blogging meme:copy/paste the questions and instructions into your own blog then fill out your own answers. Share on Twitter by tagging 5 friends and using #edchatnz. Make sure you send your answers back to whomever […]

Reviewing the Digital Technology Symposium 2010

Attending the Digital Technology Symposium was an inspirational few days back in November 2010,with a wide range of keynote speakers and informative workshops. Sitting amongst 250 technology educators I felt part of an emerging impetus for the melioration of ICT in our schools.

The workshop were great,Wednesday and Thursday were opportunities to hear […]