Developing Digital Literacy

As a relative late comer to the teaching profession I was disillusioned to find in my student practice that some schools have so much emphasis on how to create Word,Excel and Power Point documents. There was no hint of the ubiquitous nature of the internet let alone student e-mail. A typical day would involve […]

Are there any benefits in being a “digital immigrant”

I guess that depends on who is asking the question. A digital native might answer no but then find themself unable to get a job because of some inappropriate comments or behaviour on their Facebook profile. Openingly sharing private details online,easy passwords and unprotected profiles might mean their bank account has been infiltrated or […]

Reviewing the Digital Technology Symposium 2010

Attending the Digital Technology Symposium was an inspirational few days back in November 2010,with a wide range of keynote speakers and informative workshops. Sitting amongst 250 technology educators I felt part of an emerging impetus for the melioration of ICT in our schools.

The workshop were great,Wednesday and Thursday were opportunities to hear […]