When does educate become indoctrinate?

I find the attached clip from a recent BBC UK news item quite bemusing.

If it’d been generated by any other group than “Demos” I probably wouldn’t have given it much consideration but the fact that it is ‘Demos’sponsored gives me a shudder down the spine.

Demos is a U.K. “Think Tank” that was […]

Google and your memory

This chart is courtesy of Online Colleges who are linked below. Their blogs are worth taking a look at and they come up with cool graphics like these from time to time. Basically this chart looks at the procedures we use for research and analysis and how Google is changing the way we memorise for […]

The Authentic Audience

In writing up my position paper (work in progress) ‘Blended Learning in Secondary Schools is a Start in the Right Direction’I wanted to use the term ‘authentic audience’. My understanding of an ‘authentic audience’was an audience that would be genuinely interested in the media be it text,film or otherwise. For example Twitter […]

Computer games help scientists unravel virus strains.

I came across an interesting piece by Ian Steward in The Sunday Star Times which focused on an online game called “Foldit”.

“Foldit”is a prime example of digital technology working as an educational medium with the added rapture of being orchestrated by “gamers”themselves.

In three intensive weeks of competition,the game playing public […]

Photo editing

One of the problems that can happen when we want to upload images off our camera onto the internet is that they are too large. With bigger and better digital camera’s the size of one photo can easily be anything from 1 MB to 12MB and more depending on which format you’re using. So,if […]